Alaska is the only floral-market positioned to supply world-wide demand for Peonies between the months of June and September. Due to Alaska’s northern latitude, cool climate and long summer days, Alaska-grown Peonies are some of the largest, most vibrant product available world-wide.

Alaska Peony Broker is an Alaskan-owned company based in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula. APB understands the unique needs and challenges facing producers working to secure their business in an unique niche industry.

APB’s works with its certified farms to maximize their financial potential and success in Alaska’s peony industry. APB provides buyers access to the Alaskan Peonies provided by our network of Farms.

APB uses the council of industry-experts to provide its farms with professional advice, research, and support. The brokerage also acts a a source for consolidated the ordering of supplies and services for its members.

APB works to provide the Alaska peony marketplace with resources, services and products useful for the advancement of the industry and reputation of Alaskan Peonies as a whole.


Wayne Floyd is a professionally certified educator of  years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture. He has over 30 years of farming background, and is an experienced, knowledgeable and respected Alaska Peony producer. He was the co-founder of a local peony Co-op, is an Alaska Peony Growers Association Member and a Retired U.S. Army Veteran.