Alaska is the only floral-market positioned to supply world-wide demand for Peonies between the months of June and September. Due to Alaska’s northern latitude, cool climate and long summer days, Alaska-grown Peonies are some of the largest, most vibrant product available world-wide.

Alaska Peony Broker is an Alaskan-owned company based in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula. APB understands the unique needs and challenges facing producers working to secure a their business in an industry less than ten-years old.

APB’s mission is to partner with Production Partners to maximize the financial potential and success of Alaska’s peony market; while providing buyers simplified-access to a searchable-network of growers providing quality-volumes of flowers.

APB works with and seeks the council of industry-experts providing its Production Partners with professional advice, research, and support. The brokerage also seeks out meaningful third-party vendor relationships in order to reduce the cost of production overhead and to develop additional services and products for its members.

APB's long-term goal is to provide 100% of the Alaska peony marketplace with some resource, service or product useful for the advancement of the industry and reputation of Alaskan Peonies as a whole.

Founder and President

Jason Floyd, President and Owner of APB draws his expertise from a diverse, demonstrated history of outcome and solution-based skills, accomplishments and work experiences.

Jason served 5 years as a District 4-H Agent for the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Natural Resources and Extension (SNRE), recruiting and training volunteers, educating youth and community members; and promoting, marketing and managing district and state programs. He also spent eleven years as a licensed-professional providing complex social-system, communications and marketing solutions; five-years serving as a community-based non-profit Executive Director writing and managing federal, state and local grant programs; and two years leading as a Tribal Program Director.

Since 2015 Jason has also owned and continues to operate two other businesses; performing product-development, branding, retail and wholesale sales, marketing, promotion, professional consulting, and contract and administrative management duties.

Jason is a graduate of Eastern Oregon University; holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics.

Marketing & Admin Support

Michele Floyd is a graduate of Eastern Oregon University, a small business owner and mother of five. Along with husband and APB founder Jason, Michele works to support the ongoing marketing and sales efforts of the brokerage assisting with marketing calls, contact and order follow-up, and other administrative support functions.

Industry Consultant

Wayne Floyd is a professionally certified educator of 39 years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture. He has over 60 years of farming background, and is an experienced, knowledgeable and respected Alaska Peony producer. He was the co-founder of a local peony Co-op, is an Alaska Peony Growers Association Member and a Retired U.S. Army Veteran. Wayne has also provided extensive contributions to the development of the APB business model.